DESCRIPTION Bruges, cultural capital of Europe The official site of the community Sluis-Aardenburg, 2 beautiful historical towns There also is a Damme in Germany.  Have a look! Have a look at what there is to see and to do on our beautiful belgian coast! Looking for something in the region?  Sites and events. Site with everything you ever wanted to know about Lissewege, the enchanting white village. The official site of Bruges Great site of Sluis, historical town
Site with info and history on the Holy Blood and the Procession of the Holy Blood in Bruges Official site of the Flemish heritageweekend Just have fun Badmintonclub BCDamme History, things worth seeing and events in Hoeke, the smallest town of Damme. extensive encyclopaedia with travel destinations in 134 countries! Site of heritage circle "Zwin Rechteroever" Site with info about the history of Damme and Letterswerve (before Damme existed!) History of Damme and guided tours in and around Damme Discover Belgium through the finest pictures and publications / Ontdek BelgiŽ en haar steden door tal van verrassende, panoramische foto's, begeleid door een viertalige uitleg. Legends of Belgian towns Basketball club Damme VVV Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (Tourism) Site of Adegem, completely made by volunteers!  culture in Damme Website of Avis Coast Steam Center Maldegem
natuur Maldegem Natuurpunt Maldegem-Knesselare Arkgemeenschap Moerkerke Opvoedingstelefoon Vlaanderen Sijsele, one of Damme's communities. Ocmw Damme + museum of St.-John Feestcomitť Hoeke ; Hoeke Events Find what you're looking for in Europe Damme Digitown Jumelage Sijsele - Seyssel (France) since 1973 Waterstanden in Vlaanderen Forten in Nederland in BelgiŽ.  Militair erfgoed. Ambachtelijk ijs bereid met verse hoevemelk Gateway to Brugge Gateway to Oostende Poetry by Iris Van de Casteele Touristic train in and around Damme