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Old roadsign at "de Vrede"

Location: crossroad Vredestraat and Molentje, 8340 Lapscheure [gps]
Accessibility: freely accessible

There are still 4 old roadsigns in Damme.  They carefully conserved by the local heritage circle.  One of those signs is extra special and is located that the crossing of the Vredestraat and the Molentje in Lapscheure.

The gracious cast iron roadsign was manufactured in the beginning of the 20th century by forgery August van Aerschot from Herentals.  Initially it was placed at the crossroad at the church of Lapscheure but was relocated in 1965 to its present spot.  In 1996, the pole was damaged and was removed.  It was only in 2002, after restoration by the local heritage circle, that the roadsign was placed back.  During this restoration, the pomegranate on the top was added.

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