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Platte Kreek
Damse Vaart
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Damse Vaart
Domain Ryckevelde
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NR fortress Saint-Donaas
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Nature Reserve "Platte Kreek"

Inundations in the 12th century created this marvelous landscape.  This creek is in fact a swampy area that survived the systematical clearing of the Zwin plain for agriculture.  In and around Lapscheure are still several of these historical creeks and gullies.

The "Platte Kreek" (flat creek) is composed of a creek with rough reed, a slick plate and saltish grassland.  The area has a rich variety of marsh- and grasslandvegetation, which in turn attracts a large diversity of typical bird species.  Next to the known duck and goose species, regularly stilt-walkers can be seen on the slick plate.  Ornithologists will surely recognize other species like snipes, blue herons et many others.  For the non-professionals (like myself), the view of the birds alone is more than worth it, without knowing the different species and how rare they are or not.

This is a protected landscape, so you can't enter it.  You have a nice view on the creek from the Vlienderhaag and the Groenendijk.  Not so far north from this place, is the Blue Sluice, a valuable agricultural area.  Close to the Damse Vaart, are the remains of an old brick-yard where there are also a lot of birds in and around the flooded claypits


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