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Barrel canon WWII
Mon. battle "Molentje"

Battle for "het Molentje"

Barrel of German WWII-canon

Location: crossing Vissersstraat and Schipdonkkanaal Zuid, 8340 Moerkerke [gps]
Accessibility: freely accessible

In commemoration of one of the most gruesome event in the history of Moerkerke, the battle the battle for "het Molentje", a monument was erected using a barrel of a canon.  In fact it is the barrel of the Flak 88 (Flugabwehrkanone) canon  that was used to shoot down the church tower on 12 September 1944.  The gun was extremely efficient because it only took a few grenades to make the tower collapse and by consequence avoided that the tower could be used as an observation point by the allied forces (Canadian).  The gun remained on the battle field and was sold as scrap after the war.  Only the piece of barrel used for the monument was preserved.

For a complete account of the battle, we gladly refer to the separate page on the Battle for het Molentje" [read about it].

The barrel was restored by the historical circle "Zwin Rechteroever" and placed in collaboration with the town council.

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