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Chapels of Moerkerke

Damme is a region where there are a lot of little chapels, all originating from a strong devotion of the people.  There more than 40 of them in the polder landscapt.  Mentioning them all would be leading us too far, so we'll limit us to two special ones from Moerkerke. 

Chapel of Sarepta
Location: corner Brieversweg and Sareptastraat, 8340 Moerkerke [gps]
Accessibility: freely accessible

The chapel of Sarepta is an eccentric piece of architecture; it has been erected in an eastern-byzanthian style.  It was built in 1923 with recuperated material from the former abbey of Sarepta.  Already at the end of the 15th century, the sisters of the convent of Saint-Elisabeth of Biervliet established a branch here in the existing estate called 'ter Stove'.  Barely a century after their arrival, the sisters had to flee to Bruges because of the religious uprising.  The abbey was situated at the land just behind the chapel (there still is a farm).  The last remains of the abbey were removed in 1922.

Chapel of the Waterhoek
Location: corner Waterhoek, 8340 Moerkerke [gps]
Accessibility: freely accessible

The unpretentious, white-painted chapel with red rooftiles is probably the oldest still existing streetchapel of Damme.  It was built as a protection against swampfever (some kind of malaria) that regularly hit the area till the middle of the 19th century.  On the northern side, the little chapel is overshadowed by the endless row of poplar trees that are planted next to the canals.  On the southern side we have a great panoramic view on the village of Moerkerke.  A typical detail of this chapel is the Louis XVI knot.     

During a heavy storm in 2003, the chapel was severely damaged.  The local heritage circle arranged for it to be restored.  On 24 April 2004, the chapel was re-inaugurated.

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