Picture: Jacob Van Maerlant on the Market square in Damme  

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Culture in Damme

Damme is the land of Uylenspiegel, Nele and Lamme Goedzak, three historical figures from literature. 

From his pedestal, the statue of Jacob van Maerlant, the father of all Dutch writers, is looking at the citizens and tourists in Damme.  In the town they hold their famous writer in high respect with great pride.  The literary museum brings ode to Tijl Uilenspiegel and Jacob van Maerlant, statues decorate the center of town and the museum Charles Delporte shows a collection of this well-known painter/sculptor.  If you fancy old books or literary masterpieces then you can spend hours in one of the bookshops or on the monthly bookmarket.

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Museum Sint-Janshospital and chapel [info]
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Schellemill [info]
Agricultural museum Zoeterstede [info]
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Museum Charles Delporte [info]
Book village
Every second Sunday of the month, there is a book market on the Market Square in the center of town.  But also on other days, there is a lot to do around the theme of "books".  Damme is a book village, so you will discover several book shops at a stone's throw of each other.  Moreover, special events around literature are being organized during the year. 


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