Picture: Jacob Van Maerlant on the Market square in Damme  

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Sculptures in the town

On various locations in Damme and it's communities you can find statues.  It would lead too far to sum up all of them but these are the most well-known ones.

 Den Hoorn


The horse of Viven
Location: Bradericplein, centre of Vivenkapelle.
The most famous inhabitant of Vivenkapelle is without a doubt the horse of Viven.  This work of art has been created by Jef Claerhout and was inaugurated in 1977, the year that Vivenkapelle became a part of the district of Damme.  Previously it was a part of the neighbouring municipality of Sint-Kruis.  There is a nice anecdote linked to this horse and the merger of Vivenkapelle with Damme.  The horse looks sadly towards Sint-Kruis, while it turns its behind towards the community of Sijsele, the political axis in Damme. 
Statue of Jacob Van Maerlant
Location: Market, centre of Damme.
This is one of the oldest and most famous statues in Damme.  It shows us Jacob Van Maerlant, the father of all Dutch writers and stands proudly before the town hall.  It was erected in 1860 and created by the artist H. Pickery. 
Jacob van Maerlant was born around 1235 in the "Brugse Vrije" (the Franc of Bruges; in the Middle Ages this was the area under control of Bruges).  About his life, very little is known with certainty.  He is said to have settled first in Oost-Voorne (an island in Zeeland) where he lived and worked as usher.  In the meantime he wrote a large part of his oeuvre on demand of nobles from Holland. 
Around 1266 he moved to Damme and became scribe to the alderman.  He continued his oeuvre in Damme and wrote several masterpieces.  He died in Damme (around 1293) and was also buried here.  Shortly after his death, his books were translated into French and Latin.  In the 18th century several of his books were printed.   
Sculptures of Delporte
see museum Delporte
Statue of fraternity
Location: Haringmarkt, Damme
Statue erected to honour the fraternity between the sistertowns Damme Flanders and Damme Germany.
Location: Damse Vaart Zuid
Group of statues inspired by the legend of Tijl Uilenspiegel.

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