Picture: Schellemill on the Damse Vaart in Damme.  

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Huyze Sint-Jan (House Saint John)

Location: Jacob Van Maerlantstraat 13, 8340 Damme [gps]
Accessibility: not accessible

Together with Huyze de Grote Sterre, this is probably the most known house of Damme; both are infamous because of their old gothic facade and their history.  Huyze St.-Jan or St.-Jean d'Angely (Jacob van Maerlantstraat 13) is a 15th century house built for the town's bailiff.  Originally, this house was not 1, but were 2 houses, which can still be clearly seen.  The older facade dates back to 1450.  The cellars served as a storage for wine.  The name of the house originates from the French place "Saint-Jean d' Angély", which shipped wine to Damme. 

On 3rd July 1468, the marriage between Charles (the Temerarious) and Margaretha of York was consecrated by Richard Beauchamp (bischop of Salisbury) in this house.  After the ceremony, the newly weds went to Bruges, where the festivities took place.  These festivities still are an important part of the "Gouden Boomstoet", which is produced once every five years.  It is said that the marriage ceremony took place in this house because the town hall wasn't entirely finished yet.

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